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What is Acworth Baseball Association or ABA?
Acworth Baseball Association is a non-profit (501c3) volunteer organization that runs the baseball programs at the Acworth Sports Complex. ABA is comprised of our members (players & their families), coaches and our Board of Directors.

Where is the Board Member Contact Info?
E-mail addresses for all our board members are listed under the “Board Of Directors” section of our website. 

What is the relationship between the City of Acworth and ABA?
ABA works with the Acworth Parks & Recreation to run the day to day operations of the youth baseball organization on behalf of the city.

Who maintains the facilities at Acworth Sports Complex?
The City of Acworth maintains our fields. 

How many fields are at Acworth Sports Complex?
There are a total of 11 fields. Seven Fields are at our main facility the Acworth Sports Complex. Three fields are located ½ mile to 1 mile north of the main facility off of Main Street in Acworth. Old McEver Field is located on New McEver Road across from the Acworth Football Fields. Our Pinto Division uses this field for practice and overflow games. The Senior Field is located off Main Street. Our Senior Field hosts our 13–19 year old divisions. Durr Field is mainly used as a practice field and is located next to Roberts School located across the railroad tracks from the Post Office in downtown Acworth.

What is the Horizon Field/League?
The Horizon Field is an award-winning special needs baseball field located at the Acworth Sports Complex. For more information please go to

What skill levels are required to play at Acworth Baseball?
ABA is open to players of all skill levels and abilities. From beginners to the most experienced, all children who want to play baseball have a place at ABA. Our recreational teams are formed each fall and spring through a draft process. This process is set-up to distribute the talent pool across all teams.

How do I register?
The easiest way to register is on-line at and look for ONLINE REGISTRATION button on top menu. You can also register in person at our Live Registration days. There is typically one live registration day designated prior to each season.  Check the CALENDAR OF EVENTS for info on this.

What is covered in my registration fee?
Your registration fee includes a full uniform: shirt, hat, socks, belt & baseball pants. Our coaches & assistant coaches are provided with shirts & hats. ABA also provides the game & practice balls to each team. All field lighting and umpire fees are also covered by your registration dues. You will need to provide your own glove, batting helmet, cleats and bat.

I don’t live in the City of Acworth limits. Why do I have to pay the non-residence fee?
City of Acworth residents pay additional city property taxes which fund Acworth Parks and Rec who maintain our fields, pay for field lights and power at the park. Due to the large number of non-resident players in our program, a $20 fee is attached to each non-resident registration. All non-resident fees are collected by ABA and then paid out to the City of Acworth Parks & Rec dept. You may have an Acworth mailing address but do not live in the city limits of Acworth. If you live in the city limits, you would have Acworth Power and Acworth Trash as your service providers at your address. There is also a street listing on our website with streets names within the city limits.

Is registration fee assistance available?
Yes,  Please contact our treasurer at for more information on registration fee assistance.

What is the refund policy?
Refund Policy: 75% refund after registration and before team draft. No refunds after team drafts.

The registration date has passed. Can I still register?
It may be possible for a player to register after the registration deadline. There will be a $25 late registration fee. We will continue to register players provided we have open slots. Contact our secretary or treasurer.

How old does my child have to be to play baseball at Acworth? What divisions are t-ball, coach pitch or kid pitch?
Our Colt Division (3-4 Y0) is t-ball. Our Shetland Division (5-6 YO) is coach pitch/t-Ball. Our Pinto Division (7-8 YO) is coach pitch. Our Mustang (9-10 YO), Bronco (11-12 YO) & Senior (13-18) Divisions are kid pitch. Go to the Recreation League section (right side navigation bar) of the website for more information on age cutoffs based on birth dates.

Can I register my daughter to play baseball at Acworth?
Girls are absolutely welcome to play baseball at Acworth. Generally, there are very few who play and the majority of the girls that play do so at an early age (3-6). Of the girls that play, most all will transition into softball at 8 years of age. The Kennworth Park Bandits softball fields are located behind the Acworth Sports Complex. Please see the North Cobb Recreation Association website at for more information on girls softball.

I would like my son to play-up.  Is this possible?
We allow players to play up one age group based on skill level with approval from two Board Members. So for example a player whose birth date places him in the 6YO league is allowed to play up in the 7YO league. We will not allow players to play up more than one age bracket and will not allow an 11YO to play in the 13/14s and a 13YO to play in the 15-18s.

I have two children, can they play on the same team?
Provided the players are playing in age appropriate divisions, they will be placed or drafted on the same team. Here are a couple of examples:
- We will allow a sibling to play up in the next division so that they can play together with Board Member approval.
- Siblings, who based on birth date are in the same league, will be drafted together.
- We do not allow a 7YO to play up with his 10YO brother for the purposes of being on the same team.
- We do not allow players to play down for any reason including the desire for siblings to be on the same team.

When do the seasons start and end?
For specific dates see the web-site. Fall on-line registration begins July 1st and ends mid August. Teams are selected and practices start mid to late August. Opening day is typically in early September. Final games are played at the end of October.  Spring on-line registration starts in December and ends towards the end of January. Teams are selected and practice begins the beginning of February. Opening Day is typically the second week of March. The final games will be played mid-May. All-Stars begin play immediately after the spring recreational season. Dates vary based on age, and generally go to the middle or end of July.

What are the game schedules/practice schedules?
Before the games start, there are typically two practices per week. Once the games start there will be one game during the week and one game on Saturday. Additional practices can be scheduled by the coach depending on field availability.

What is Dizzy Dean Baseball?
Acworth Baseball Association is a member of Dizzy Dean Baseball. All recreational and All-Star games played at Acworth are played under the rules of Dizzy Dean Baseball. For more specifics related to the rules please see the Dizzy Dean website and the Georgia Dizzy Dean Website at

Who are the Acworth Warriors?
All our All-Star and Travel Teams are called the Acworth Warriors. If there is more than one team per age group, the teams are named Acworth Warriors Orange, Acworth Warriors Blue, etc.

What programs are offered at the park?
We offer three programs, Recreational baseball, All-Star summer baseball and Travel baseball. 

Recreational baseball is open to anyone who registers to play and is offered to players of all skill level and ability. There is a spring and a fall season. Our recreational teams use MLB baseball team names.

All-Stars – Acworth Warriors Players participating in the spring rec ball season are eligible for all-stars. We field All-Star teams from all leagues starting in our 5s. Depending on the league there may be multiple teams. All-Stars is a more competitive environment and the purpose is to put together the best team(s) possible from the pool of players in the rec league. All Star teams travel locally (some World Series tournaments require regional travel) and play other park’s All Star teams. All-Star teams also compete in District, State and World Series Tournaments. More details regarding the All-Star selection process can be found on the web-site. 

Travel Baseball – Warriors Baseball Academy teams are picked by head coaches on a try-out basis. Travel teams play the majority of their baseball games outside of the Acworth Sports Complex. These typically play in Triple Crown and USSSA tournaments. They maintain their own schedules. Players are selected in the fall for the spring season and are invited to play for these teams. Tryouts are held in August prior to the spring season.

How are recreational coaches selected?
Our League Directors and Board select coaches from the pool of parents who volunteer to coach. League Directors use several factors including coaching experience, number of years coaching at Acworth and prior experience in the league. All coaches, assistant coaches and team moms are required to submit background checks. All background checks are run through the Acworth Police Department.

How are recreational teams selected?
Coaches have the option of locking one Assistant Coach and their children. All remaining players are put into a draft pool and selected using the rules of the draft. All players are selected from the pool until all coaches have their max number of players or the player pool is exhausted.

How many players are on a team?
- For ages 3-4 our target number is 5 to 7 players per team.
- For ages 5-6 & 7-8 our target number is 11 and max at 12 per team.
- For ages 9-18 our target is 11 players per team.

How many games are played in a season?
- Colt – 12 games in the Fall and 14 games in the Spring
- Shetland, Pinto, Mustang & Bronco – 12 Fall and 14 Spring season games, plus a double elimination tournament
- Senior – 12-14 games per season. Our Senior division plays other Acworth teams in addition to Senior teams from other parks.

I want my son to play with my neighbor’s son so we can carpool.  Is this possible?
For 3 - 4s (Colt), you will need to make a request to the League Director and/or note on your registration your request. The League Directors e-mail is listed on the web-site on the League home page. For all other age groups, the best course of action is to identify a coach and request that he try to draft both of the players. We do not make special accommodations, and with the draft there can be no guarantees that players will be selected by a particular coach or be on a team with a particular player.

I have a complaint about my child’s coach.  What should I do?
Please make every attempt to resolve the issue directly with the coach. Address your concerns with him first prior to speaking with anyone else. If you are not able to resolve the issue with you coach, please contact your League Director.

I have a complaint about an umpire.  What should I do?
Discuss this with your Head Coach. If there is a matter that needs to be attended, the Head Coach is responsible for communicating with the umpire. The umpires are instructed to communicate with the Head Coach only. If the Head Coach has a problem or concern that needs to be addressed he will then pass his concern to the League Director.

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